A 2013 photograph of Eddy Mylo (image by Teresa Wilson)

Eddy Mylo

Eddy Mylo thinks it's all there in the name ; life is full of its own "eddies", its own variations and changes. The city needs a dynamic candidate to face the challenges of a new era. One with a real plan to tackle inequality, climate change, and capitalism.


Eddy wants to fully decriminalize mischief. The mischief act of 1984 means Big Brother is always watching. Eddy Mylo would roll back the act on day one and follow the best advice of the mischievologists: implementing a big sister instead.


Eddy Mylo thinks no-one should have to work a job. He's certainly never had to, and he's doing just fine. Look at his comprehensive plan to scale back on work and industrialization and create a kinder future.